About us - What are we?

SwachhPosters app allows merchants and service providers to share and promote their best deals with real customers in a fast and very cost effective way.

SwachhPosters app provides local offers and best deals to customers in their locality.

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Our Aim - What is our goal?

Advertising has been a costly marketing service for promoting product or service in the market. Medium and small merchants cannot afford for marketing their products or services due to high cost and also as their ROI may not met due to which they lose many opportunities.

Our aim is to minimize this opportunity loss to merchants by providing simple, clean, real time, cheaper and environmental friendly marketing solution through SwachhPosters app. It aims to connect right deal to right customer at right time with required information locally. At the same time we wish to see roads, walls and streets of every city, town and village with out advertising wall posters and pamphlets to maintain cleanliness.

Features - What we offer?

SwachhPosters App

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does this app work?

There are lot ads go unnoticed to potential customers (who are willing to buy the advertised product) in conventional methods (phamplets, paper ads, tv ads etc.) and at the same time Consumers tend to spend more money and time on products/services as they unaware of the offers in their locality. Swachhposters will connect local merchants and local consumers with the INFORMATION of offers and best deals.

2. How to register?

Go to menu ( 3 horizontal lines) -> Click on Register -> Provide your mobile number and desired password. Please enter the OTP will be sent to your mobile number to confirm registration. Your registration is completed once the OTP is verified.

3. How to post an ad?

After completing the registration, Go to menu ( 3 horizontal lines) -> Click on Post new Ads -> Fill the details in the form Upload your logo Upload Images and Submit Ting. It is done…you have posted ad on SwachhPosters.

4. How to change location?

Go to menu ( 3 horizontal lines) -> Click on Change Location -> Start typing your preferred location Select the appropriate location from Google map suggestions.

5. Does consumer need to register to view the ads?

No, Consumer not necessarily registered in the SwachhPosters app. Consumer can view ads by just selecting the preferred location.

6. How many businesses can one merchant add?

There is no limit for this. A merchant can add (or manage) any number of businesses in their login.

7. Where can I view all my businesses?

Go to menu ( 3 horizontal lines) -> Click on Dashboard All your business list will be displayed.

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